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       Rattan is usually used as leisure furniture. Rattan furniture is closely link with the whole social and economic development.

      Rattan is often used as leisure furniture. It is different to bedroom furniture, dining room furniture and living room furniture, which is the inevitable product of economic development to a certain stage. Rattan furniture is closely link with the whole social and economic development. If the basic life can not guarantee, how we will think of leisure. Into the first ten years in 21st Century, with the China’s economies growth, leisure furniture has been greatly developed.

      Nowadays, with people's environmental awareness are gradual increase and people return to nature are increasing popular, a variety of rattan as well as green technology products began to enter millions of households become a new round of home decoration style.

      Urban residents in the shadow of high-rise buildings space hope to find a corner of the house to enjoy the sunshine. Because of this, people are found of outdoor furniture. In recent years, with people pursue low-carbon life, more and more people pay attention to environmental protection of rattan furniture. Therefore, natural environmental protection material -- PE made of rattan furniture become the best choice. Outdoor furniture design more focus on people's inner feelings and more to use the shape of arc and streamline for the theme.